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***NOT TO TAS***  (Allium sativum)  Medium to large white bulbs with tissue-like transparent skin and purple coloured inner cloves.  Hot, spicy flavour.
Grows well from Southern NSW to Tasmania, all of SA and Southern WA. Does not do so well in wet and humid conditions. Likes dry heat.
Grown on a chemical-free farm using no pesticides or herbicides and 100% organic mulch.
HARVEST:  Mid Season
STORAGE:  Long - up to 12 months
TYPE:  Creole
VARIETY:  Hardneck

1 Bulb $4.20 (approx. 11-15 cloves per bulb)
SOFTNECK vs. HARDNECK? (What is the difference?)
SOFTNECK (Allium sativum)
- soft & pliable neck (the stalk that grows up from a garlic) at maturity making them easy to braid
- strong flavour
- harder to peel than hardneck varieties
- stores well (due to several potective outer layers of papery skin)
- produces large & small cloves 
- well suited to warmer areas with hot summers & mild winters
HARDNECK (Allium sativum var. ophioscorodon)
- hard & stiff neck (the stalk that grows up from a garlic) at maturity forming scapes which may also be used in cooking
- mild taste
- easy to peel
- best used soon after harvest (due to only a few protective papery layers)
- mainly large cloves around the outside of the bulb 
- thrive & grow better in cooler areas


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