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Combining Orange, Tangerine, Grapefruit, Lemon, and Mandarin oils with a hint of Spearmint, Citrus Fresh™ Essential Oil is a proprietary Young Living blend that offers an uplifting, refreshing aroma that you can diffuse to transform home, work, and classroom spaces, and brings a zesty and refreshing burst of flavour to any food or beverage. The constituents limonene, beta-pinene, and linalool all naturally occur in the Citrus Fresh oil blend.

Citrus Fresh oil is a perfect replacement for chemical-based home fragrances—just combine a few drops with distilled water in a spray bottle and spritz throughout rooms and closets and over linens. You’ll enjoy the uplifting citrusy scent every time you make the bed or open a closet door.

This invigorating and pleasant blend is an ideal addition to water, fruit and vegetable juices.  Simply add a drop or two to your 60ml serving of water or juice for a zip of flavour and freshness.

  • Add a few drops of Citrus Fresh essential oil to your favourite night moisturiser and apply to skin for smoother-looking, more radiant-looking skin. Because some citrus oils can cause photosensitivity, avoid applying to exposed skin before spending time outside. Using Citrus Fresh topically comes with the bonus benefit of the citrus oils working together to tone and smooth the appearance of skin.
  • Add a few drops onto cotton balls and stash them in drawers, in air vents, under rubbish bins, and in shoes for a quick boost of freshness.
  • Add Citrus Fresh to vegetable oil for a uplifting foot massage.
  • Dilute and apply to wrists, edge of ears, neck, or feet to relax the mind and aid in relieving everyday stresses.
  • Dilute Citrus Fresh essential oil with vegetable oil and use it as a perfume or cologne for an uplifting signature scent.
  • Keep hydrated by giving your daily intake of water a burst of flavour. Infuse your water by adding 2–3 drops to a glass or bottle of water.
  • Add 1–2 drops to your favourite fruit and vegetable juices. Drink each day or whenever you’re looking for a quick burst of nutrients and flavour.

    /assets/files/DIY Sticker Remover Recipe.jpgDIY Sticker Remover Recipe
Where to Diffuse
  • Diffuse Citrus Fresh in your home, office, or classroom for an aroma that invites positivity and energy.
  • Brighten your family room with the smell of sunshine during summer thunderstorms.
  • Infuse joy and creativity into children’s playtime with these citrus notes.
  • Prepare to sweat through your morning workout with an aroma that’s invigorating and zesty.
  • Revitalise storage spaces and banish stale odors with this sunny and fruity member-favorite fragrance.
  • Fill your guest bedroom with these hints of lemon and orange to offer a comforting stay.
Citrus Fresh has a refreshing and enlivening aroma that is perfect for diffusing. It will help purify the air from unwanted odors and create a citrusy and energising environment.
Label Directions
Topical: Dilute with vegetable oil and apply to desired area.
Culinary: Add to food or drink recipes to create another layer of flavour.

Aromatic: Diffuse up to 1 hour 3 times daily.

Storage: Keep in a cool, dark place.
Diffuser Blends
Squeeze the Day Blend
  • 2 drops Jade Lemon essential oil
  • 2 drops Myrrh essential oil
  • 3 drops Citrus Fresh™ essential oil blend
  • 3 drops Tangerine essential oil
  • 2 drops Juniper essential oil
Armchair Quarterback Blend
  • 6 drops Valor® essential oil blend
  • 2 drops Citrus Fresh™ essential oil blend
  • 2 drops Shutran™ essential oil blend
  • 2 drops Melaleuca Alternifolia essential oil
Honolulu, Hawaii Blend
  • 4 drops Stress Away essential oil blend
  • 3 drops Cedarwood essential oil
  • 3 drops Citrus Fresh essential oil blend
Freshly Mowed Lawn Blend
  • 2 drops Basil essential oil
  • 2 drops Northern Lights Black Spruce essential oil
  • 2 drops Bergamot essential oil
  • 6 drops Citrus Fresh essential oil blend
Cinnamon Roll Blend
  • 5 drops Stress Away essential oil blend
  • 2 drops Citrus Fresh™ essential oil blend
  • 2 drops Cinnamon Bark essential oil
  • 1 drop Cardamom essential oil
Good Morning, Good Day Blend
  • 8 drops Citrus Fresh essential oil blend
  • 2 drops Peppermint essential oil


Young Living Therapeutic Grade™ peppermint essential oil (Mentha piperita)


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