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 JULY 2014

Bean, Runner - White Dutch Runner; Heirloom from The Netherlands dating back to 1700's
Jun Culture; also known as the 'Champagne of Kombucha' (see 'Ancient Cultures & Cooking'

JUNE 2014

'Kombucha Revolution: 75 recipes for homemade brews, fizers, elixers & mixers' (book)
Bean, Bush - Red Kidney; named due to its resemblance to a kidney
Bean, Bush - Flagrano; French heirloom popularly known as 'The Caviar of Beans'
Bean, Bush - Cannelini; Italian heirloom also known as 'Italian Butter Bean'
Lettuce - Little Gem; English heirloom - the perfect size for an individual dinner salad
Onion - Crystal White Wax; ideal pickling onion
Pea, Climbing - Green Arrow; English heirloom
Lettuce, Butterhead - Speckled; heirloom from Pennsylvania dating back to 1880's
Zucchini - Round; ideal for use as 'baby' zucchini
Minutina; Italian heirloom dating back prior to 1586 - a great winter green!
Mustard Green - Florida Broadleaf; heirloom and one of the first greens to appear in Spring.