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NOVEMBER 2014wa-q-sign.jpg
Corn, Maize - Reid's Yellow Dent; heirloom variety dating back to 1847.
Sorrel - Red Veined (Bloody Dock); highly attractive heirloom ideal for adding colour to mesclun mixes
Perilla - Purple (Salad Green); heirloom with slightly nutty flavour reminiscent of cumin

Heritage String Line; individually handcast in keeping with tradition and craftsmanship handed down over the centuries
Chinese Artichoke tubers; rare heirloom similar in appearance to a caterpillar
Corn 'Painted Mountain'; extremely cold & drought hardy - will grow where other corn varieties fail. 
Fennel - Milano Early; Italian heirloom
Kale - Green Cossack; heirloom similar to 'Red Russian' but with white stem
Chicory - Italiko Rosso; Italian heirloom
Pumpkin - Strawberry Crown; heirloom from Brazil with rich flavour & no strings
Gourd - Ten Commandments; multicoloured fruit with 10 fingers