As we're about to begin a new year, we thought we'd share a glimpse of our heritage seed garden.  Most of our time
this past month has been spent weeding, mulching, weeding, mulching, weeding, more mulching & ...... hand pollinating
many of our zucchini, pumpkin, cucumber & melon varieties.  A very satisfying although time consuming job where each
afternoon just before dusk we walk around the garden & peg closed all of the male & female flowers.  The next morning
just after sun-up we then do the same walk but un-peg the female flowers & pollinate them with the males finishing by
taping them up to prevent any unwanted cross pollination.  Not an easy job when you've got a handful of highly aromatic
pollen & there's plenty of bees around trying to help you! 

We've been keeping ourselves busy in our heritage seed garden during the past month.  Pumpkins & zucchini are
doubling in size and the Chilacayote is doing its best to take over the garden despite our best efforts to try to tame it.
Our main focus at the moment is harvesting & drying heirloom tomato seed.  

And of course there's always the weeds to keep up with......    


Harvest is in full swing in our heritage seed garden this month.  Early pumpkins are now being harvested & left to dry
out, tomatoes are being picked every few days and their seeds extracted, fermented & dried.  Beans are now becoming
mature with dried pods now harvested every few days & left to dry further.  We're also hand pollinating the last of the
pumpkins & melons.  We've given up on the chilacayote & have left it to overtake a large section of our garden.  Perhaps
one of the more pleasant tasks of harvesting the heirloom apples & pears & delivering them to our local market for
sale.......A most bountiful time of the year!

And of course there's always the weeds to keep up with...... again! 

Thank you for letting us share a little bit of our life with you!  We love what we do!