Grasshoppers feed on the foliage of plants and in high numbers can quickly strip plants bare. They tend to feed from the outside edge of leaves and work their way in. They will also feed on fruits.

Wingless grasshoppers are brown/grey in colour, about 1-2cm long and hatch in Spring from eggs in the soil.  Initially the young grasshoppers feed on low growing plants but as they mature they will move onto larger plants including trees.

Grasshopper problems are more noticeable during summer as they mature into adults and food sources reduce due to the summer heat (eg road weeds and farm pastures die off).

Plants Attacked
All plants are vulnerable but they particularly like broad-leafed plants.

Organic Control Methods for Grasshoppers

  • At the first sign of damage spray with Eco-Neem and repeat spray as required. Grasshoppers will stop feeding after ingesting Eco-Neem and this stops any further damage straight away. Grasshoppers will then take a couple of days to die. As well as killing outright Eco-Neem also has some deterrent properties to further protect plants.