Powdery Mildew

Powdery mildew is a very common fungal disease that attacks a broad range of plants.  It looks like a white or grey powdery coating on leaves of plants and spreads rapidly over foliage. On some plants it will also attack and distort young stems and flower buds. Infected tissue withers and dies.

It is important to control this disease quickly because of its rapid growth and to prevent its spread to other plants. If left untreated powdery mildew will kill most annuals and significantly weaken other plants.

Plants Attacked
Many including grapes, roses, peas, geraniums, hydrangeas, gerberas, rosemary, mint, zucchinis, annuals, crepe myrtles and more.

Organic Control Methods for Powdery Mildew

  • Spray with Eco-Fungicide or Eco-Rose. Both rapidly destroy the fungal growth (within 5 minutes)
    and leave a protective coating against new spores germinating.
  • Adding Eco-CWeed into the spray 
    mix will also help plants strengthen their foliage to fight off further attacks and reduce stress on the plant.
  • Leaves which are severely infected should be removed.

You may notice some yellow and black ladybeetles on plants with powdery mildew.  These ladybeetles feed on the mildew but unfortunately they are rarely able to control the disease alone.  eco-fungicide and eco-rose sprays are safe to use without harming them.