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***NOT TO TAS, SA, WA***  (Canna indica)  Heirloom originally from South America and one of the ancient Incan foods.  Also known as 'Achira'.  Perennial.  Very versatile plant with young protein rich shoots used like spinach, the edible tuber / rhizome may be used as a potato substitute either baked or used to make a gluten-free flour and the very large leaves used to wrap or display food.  Tubers are best harvested for eating when approx. 6-8cm across and the skin is still white. 

Leaves may also be used as animal forage for goats, cows & donkeys and as a mulch around fruit trees & in the vegetable garden.  Either place whole under fruit trees, or allow to dry & run over them with the lawn mower for mulching around vegetables.

To make arrowroot flour peel the tubers and cut into cubes approx. 2-4 cm across and blend with water to a pulp. Pour pulp into a large bowl and add water. The flour will quickly settle to the bottom allowing the brown fibrous pulp to be drained off the top. Continue to rinse as above until the water runs clear. Drain off the water and pour the white flour into trays, 1-2 cm thick. Dry in the sun until soft and powdery. Store in jars until needed. 

Fast growing, broad-leaved plant to 1.8m high great for creating a windbreak in the garden.  Requires a warm position and may be grown in temperate, sub-tropical & tropical areas.  

1 Pack (contains 2 tubers / rhizomes)


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