While our seed is not certified organic, we do supply to a number of certified organic growers.  If you require a seed statement from us to accompany your seed order, simply click on the image to the left:

It should be noted that all of our seed is:

    We choose to AVOID hybrid varieties and as a result they may not be found in our range.
    Note:  We do hand pollinate many of our pumpkin, squash, zucchini, cucumber & melons which enables us to grow more than one variety each year and still ensure that the variety remains true-to-type and is non-hybridised.
  • NON-GM
    We do not buy, sell, grow or support the growth of GM seed.
    We choose NOT to coat our seed with artificial fungicides etc. choosing rather to present it to you in its most natural form possible.  Also, where possible, we choose seed which is organic or organically grown.
    hether our seed is grown by ourselves, or it is produced by one of our carefully selected seed growers, all of our seed batches are personally germination tested prior to release.  While the majority of our seed shows 90-100% germination, all will have at least 85%.  It is important to keep in mind that regardless of our test results, it is your climate, soil & planting practice that will have the final say for actual in ground germination.