About Us

The Lost Seed is an Australian-owned family business established in 2002.   We are driven by a passion to support the ongoing availability of a wide variety of reliable old rare heirloom vegetables & herbs, in the most natural way possible.   All of our seed is Non-GM, Non-Hybrid, Open-Pollinated & most importantly, Germination-Tested.   
Our business had its beginnings on a tiny island near the bottom of Tasmania, but we have since moved to just outside of the 'Garden City' of Toowoomba, QLD where the great climate, growing season, soil & energy of the place provide a thriving environment.  
Through Seed-Saving in their own backyards, we recognise that our customers play an important role in helping families like us keep the old varieties alive so their children’s kids can one day still enjoy the colours, flavours & health benefits of all these wonderful old varieties.

About Our Seed....

Hybrid seed is the result of cross-pollinating two or more different types of a variety to produce another.  If seed is saved and planted from this hybrid plant, either (1) the seed will not germinate or (2) the germinated seed will not grow true-to-type.  We choose to AVOID hybrid varieties and as a result they may not be found in our range.

All of our seed comes from open-pollinated varieties.  This means that they will remain true-to-type, producing the same type of plant year after year, provided cross pollination does not occur.  If you wish to save your own seed, be sure to follow seed saving guidelines, ensuring correct distancing requirements etc.  Note:  We do hand pollinate many of our pumpkin, squash, zucchini, cucumber & melons which enables us to grow more than one variety each year and still ensure that the variety remains true-to-type & is non-hybridised. 
We do not buy, sell, grow or support the growth of GM seed.
We choose NOT to coat our seed with artificial fungicides etc choosing rather to present it to you in its most natural form possible.  Also, where possible, we choose seed which is organic or organically grown.
Whether our seed is grown by ourselves, or it is produced by one of our carefully selected experienced seed growers, all of our seed batches are personally germination tested prior to release.  While the majority of our seed shows 95-100% germination, all will have at least 85%.  It is important to keep in mind that regardless of our test results, it is your climate, soil & planting practice that will have the final say for actual in-ground germination.