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by W. J. Lewis & D. McE. Alexander.  A Practical Guide for Fruit & Nut Plants & Ornamentals.  A comprehensive guide to all types of grafting & budding techniques.  This book covers the basics of budding, grafting & multi-grafting including step-by-step & pictorial instructions.  Advice is also given on the selection of scion wood, the preparation of rootstocks & the after-care of grafted plants.

Budding Techniques: T-Budding, Chip Budding, Patch Budding, V-Budding
Grafting Techniques:  Splice or Whip Graft, Wedge or Cleft Graft, Whip & Tongue Graft, Bark Graft, Side Graft, Approach Graft
Species Covered: Australian Natives, Custard Apples, Avocado, Cacti, Cashew, Citrus, Conifers, Deciduous Ornamentals, Grape, Macadamia, Mango, Passionfruit, Pistachio, Pome Fruit (Apples & Pears), Roses, Sapodilla, Stone Fruits, Tomatoes, Walnut, Ziziphus.

Australian Author.  2016.  Paperback.  96 pages. 


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