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***NOT TO TAS, WA***   (Oxalis tuberosa)  Originating from the Andean Highlands & first introduced onto the market in England in 1829.  Also known as 'Oka' or 'Oca'.  Perennial.  A compact, bushy plant to 30cm high with clover-like leaves producing edible, red-orange tubers.  Well suited to temperate areas of Australia tolerating cool conditions & poor soils (temperatures over 28'C will cause the plant to wilt).  Very hardy.  Will die back in winter with frost to reprout again in Spring.  Tubers best planted in Spring.  Use roots baked like potato (no need to peel), or leaves & stems as sorrel substitute.  Plant will begin producing tubers at 4 months with harvest occuring at 6 months. 






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Yams strike rate 100%

By: on 23 November 2015
I planted my yams in drills late September in Melbourne all came up now were in Late November well established 500 mm out of the ground looking healthy still a long way to go before I dig them up shared with friends also avid eater only get them when I go back to chch trying not to touch them.

Small but plentiful tubers and 100% viable!

By: on 7 November 2015
I've been trying to find New Zealand yams (oca) here in Australia for ages, so I was delighted when I managed to get several bags from The Lost Seed. The tubers, when they arrived, were much smaller than the ones I remember in NZ, meaning I ended up with far more than I could plant in my garden - my lucky neighbours, friends and colleagues ended up with the rest. The yams took about 4-5 weeks to come up - but it was so worth the wait. The success rate was 100% - every single tuber germinated - not one failed! I'm eagerly awaiting my harvest in a few months.

Love our NZ yams

By: on 11 October 2015
Very happy with quality of root stock delivered. Sprouted well in cool dark place. Has been in ground for two weeks now and starting to see the first leaves coming through. Looking for a bumper crop this year in our newly established permanent yam beds

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