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Broad Bean   Sow Seed   LIKES: Potato, Pea, Bean    
Part Self & Cross-Pollinating; will cross with other broad beans; to ensure purity, grow varieties at least 200m apart.  
Garlic   Plant Cloves  
USES: Planted around all trees to repel borers.  Also repels leaf eaters & sap suckers when planted near vegetables
- Green Manure (Autumn / Winter)   Sow Seed  
Used as a green manure crop, plants are best dug back into the soil when the leaves are still fresh & green after approx. 8 weeks after planting
Spinach   Sow Seed   LIKESBeetroot, Cherry, Fruit Trees, Lavender, Lovage, Marjoram, Mulberry, Onions  
Cross-Pollinating; will cross easily with other spinach varieties; to ensure purity, grow varieties at least 3klm apart.  Wind Pollinated